Apple Japan Stop Lucky Bag Sales 2016

According to Yahoo News Japan (, it seem like Apple Japan will not have the 福袋 sales 2016

毎年恒例のアップルストア福袋「Lucky Bag」が、2016年は販売されないことが明らかになった。

-Yahoo News

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Queue outside Sapporo Store Jan 2015 Image by Twitter user @oojyo1021

So this coming year, we will not be seeing this scene at the Sapporo store. According to some twitter users, the Apple fan queue in the freeze cold, some the authority had came to check the health of some who seem to be asleep.

The reason given was that Apple wants to provide the same service standard throughout the world. It is further believe it could be due to the resale of the product in the lucky bags and some public order behaviours.

Sorry Apple Fans, no more Apple福袋. 

If this is reversed, we will keep you updated.


Yamanote Line 「山手線」 - The new E235 rolling stock

Editor Note:This article is written by our guest writer who is a railway fan. She has gone on for further study, so she won’t be writing here frequently.

Many travellers arriving in Tokyo and plan to travel within Tokyo will be familiar with Yamanote Line. The Line that run through major urban centres and place of interest such as Akihabara, Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Ueno, Yoyogi etc.

"YamanoteYamanote Line E231. image by LERK from wikimedia

This olive green Yamanote line has a long history that is dated back to 1st March 1885 (The late Meiji era). The loop was completed in 1925. The olive green colour that indicates the Yamanote train was introduced in December 1963.

E235 ECU of Yamanote Line. Image by Rsa from wikimedia

E235 ECU of Yamanote Line.Image by Rsa from wikimedia

Priority Zone in E235 Car.Image provided by JR East

Priority Zone in E235 Car.Image provided by JR East

By 2020 in time for 2020 Summer Olympics, the rolling stocks will be completely changed to E235 Electric Multiple Unit (EMU). Physically, the olive green will only be featured on the driver cab and the doors instead of a full solid line across the cars.

The interior of the car will have a total of 9 priority seats and an area for wheelchair or baby stroller located at both end of each car except the end car. For our Singapore readers, each car has a sliding door at each end to separate the cars, different from the metro trains used in Singapore. This could be used for individual car climate control; some cars may not be that cold as compare to others.  

The first E235 was put into revenue service in 30 November 2015 but was pull out of service due to some technical difficulty. The latest update is that JR is putting the ECU into testing from 27 December onward, and if there is no other technical issue, we may see the train in revenue service soon.