Obento - A great way to clear festival food.

This Tuesday was the first day of work (aka hatsus-shigoto 初仕事), furthermore after new year there are always left over ingredients. This is a good time to make bento to bring to work. 

Obento with Hakusai, Enoki, Pork in Tare sauce

This bento is not difficult to make, it was just some egg with Pork and Vegetable. Maybe next time we will have the recipe for each of the items in the bento.

A bento is easy to bring to work or school, it don't need a lot of them to make also.  Making a good bento will ensure a balance diet and hopefully the person who you made the bento for will appreciate your effort.

I know overseas where I used to base don't have the habit. There are just simply too many food centre and food courts where large variety of food will be served. Even in school, every school has a school canteen. 

Yakitori - A simple recipe.

Yakitor is a popular dish in many part of the world, it is a form a grill meat on skewer.  An authentic yaki tori is skewed on bamboo skewers and grills on charcoal fire. Is this similar to the Satay we ate if we visit Singapore and Malaysia? 

Momo Yakitori 「もも焼き鳥」

Yakitori has a long history which can be traced to HeiAnJiDai 「平安時代」which is between the year 794 and 1185 where it was served in the banquet. It has different name in different period in Japan.

The traditional way of grilling yakitori uses Binchotan「備長炭」, which is a type of traditional charcoal used in Japan dated to Edo period. This high quality charcoal burns at high temperature and is long lasting. 

Nowadays, most shops that sell yakitori use electrical grill that contain an array of heating element that is similar to our home toaster oven. 

So today I am going to write a post on home cooked yakitori using toaster oven.

For recipe, please read on.

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Obento - A packed meal for lunch & picnic

Almost everyday, I have to think of new ideas to cook our lunch. Usually, I make bento to bring to work or school. A good bento does not only contain great nutrients for the body, it is also pleasant for people to enjoy his / her bento.

Many people wants to try to make bento, but the common worries are that it may take up much time in the morning hence dropped the ideas or worry about food spoilage in hot weather. Many mothers prepare bento for them children in the morning, it usually take less than 30 minutes if the ingredients are pre-prepared the night before. 

Most important advice to remember in preparing bento is that all food must be fully cooked, cool before packing them. This will prevent spoilage.


Therefore today, I made a bento which was taught to me by my mother. I used to bring this to school when I’m younger. It is very simple to make and usually take less than 45minutes of preparation and cooking time. Let’s start.

For recipe, please read on.

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