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Wild Olives @ Changi Airport Terminal 2 Staff Canteen


Wild olives is one of the more popular stalls at Changi Airport Staff Canteen.  During lunch and dinner, it is the stall with the longest queue. The stall is here for the past 12 years, but come 22 May 2016, it will crease operation at this location. 

According to its facebook, it seem like the new operator of the canteen, Kopitiam, put forward unfavorable and unsustainable terms and condition to the stall.

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karaage Miso Pan Fried Spaghetti


Many readers have been asking me about Japanese fusion cuisine. I believe many mainstream Japanese cuisine is well known worldwide, while in Japan, Italian cuisine is very popular. 

The main ingredients in Italian cuisine are usually cheese and wine, together with other simple ingredients. Cheese tends to give a umami taste, this is similar to miso used in Japan.  Using this idea, I came up with this dish.

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