Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Season 2016 Forecast
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Hanami (花見) - The Beautiful Season Tourist Guide (Tokyo)


Each year, many local and overseas travellers travel to Japan to see Cherry Blossom. When the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) blooms, it creates a beautiful pink-white foliage. This also signify the beginning of spring. With the coldness of winter subsiding, it is common to gather with friends and family below the Sakura tree with food and sake while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

It was said to begin in the 8th century during the Nara period, and limited to the Imperial Court. This trend was quickly caught up by the Samurai. By Edo peiod, even the common people began to enjoy Hanami.

Sakura blooms for only a short period of a week and they wither away, before they bloom again next spring. In order to see the sakura in full bloom, timing is the key.


Sakura at Ueno Park image from Kenta Hayashi

For the local, Hanami is a special yet convenience event. Sakura tree are planted in many major parks in Tokyo and many open area. We just need to check the Sukura forecast and send out LINE to inform our friends about the gathering. Living in Japan, Hamani occurs like any other yearly festival.

For tourists from overseas, an accurate Sakura forecast is very important.  The working adult usually have to inform their office in advance to apply for annual leave, book air ticket and preparing warm clothing etc. Here is the guide for you to enjoy Hanami in Japan.


Each year, Japan weather association will provide the forecast of the sakura season. We will update the latest forecast when we received the latest update. As a comparison, the forecast is brought forward when we compare the 2 Mar forecast with the 24 Feb forecast. This may be due to the warmer than usual weather forecast this season.


The timing of the Sakura forecast timing has been shifted forward once again. Please take note of the new timing

2016 Sakura season forecast

2016 Sakura season forecast


Early spring can be quite cold especially at night. The day temperature in Tokyo is around 16°C while during the night it fall below 8°C. Furthermore, this depends on the prefecture you are travelling to. 

In order to stay comfortable for your stay in Japan during this season, a warm jacket (e.g. down winter jacket or fleece jacket) is a must. A fleece jacket is not as cumbersome as compared to a full down jacket, therefore if you are not too afraid of cold, a fleece jacket is great. Otherwise a full down jacket is needed. 

A good thermal pant and shoes is a must too. 

Sukura Location

Now with the correct clothing, it is time to find the beautiful Sakura locations. 

Ueno Park Sakura image from

Sakura at Ueno Park image from

Ueno park

Ueno park is located right next to Ueno station, where it is served by JR and subway. This provides a easy access to the park. 

Ueno Park Sakura image from

Sakura at Ueno Park image from enosan


Sensō-ji is located at Asakusa. This is a must visit place for many tourists visiting Tokyo. The temple ground has some Sakura tree too. The pastel pink contrast the bright red used by the temple, creating a beautiful and memorable photos

Ueno Park Sakura image from

Kanda River bank, near Iidabashi Station.Image from mokuou

Iidabashi Station, Kanda River Bank

There are many area along Kanda river bank that have the Sakura tree. This place is near to Iidabashi station.