Mori Soba 「もり蕎麦」
Kawaii Train design from Wakayama Railway

Koi-Yamagata Station「恋山形駅」- The sweetly designed Station

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Koi-Yamagata Station (Japanese:恋山形駅) is station on the Chizu line, located in Tottori Prefecture, Yazu District, Chizu. This line is operated by Chizu Express Company.  The word "Koi" means "love" in Japanese. This is one of the 4 stations with "love" theme.

This will be a great station to visit with your love one any time of the year. Of course, if you are looking for a romantic Valentine's Day, maybe you want to bring your love one there.

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Koi-Yamagata Station Image from Twitter (@nishikagoshima)

The station was originally named Inaba-yamagata station, but is change to Koi-yamagata due to residents' request. In 2013, the station is painted pink to suit the love theme.  Each year, during the Valentine's Day, there are special trains that run on this section.

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Night view of Koi-Yamagata Image from Twitter (@komafunasan27)

Stating from 3rd Feb to 15th Feb 2016, Chizu Express Company will be running special service where passengers will receive a chocolate present if they took the specific trains. Please refer to the photo and the link below. 

On the 11th Feb, there is a special service - The Love Choco Train 「恋チョコトレイン」running on a special schedule. The tain will be beautifully decorated in a romantic way. Along the way, there are varies chocolate to be eaten. 

Train schedule between 3 Feb to 15 Feb Image from Twitter (@chizukyu)

Train schedule between 3 Feb to 15 Feb Image from Twitter (@chizukyu)

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Love Choco Train schedule Image from Twitter (@chizukyu)

On the 11 Feb, the Love Choco Train runs on a special schedule, please check the following image and link for the timing. 



From Tokyo: 

  1. Take a shinkasen to Shin-Osaka
  2. Transfer to Limited Express Super Hakuto 
  3. Alight at Ohara 「大原」and trasfer to Chizu local train.