Awase Dashi「合わせだし」
Obento - A great way to clear festival food.

Ozoni 「お雑煮」- The first dish on New Year Day

Ozoni is the first dish we have for breakfast during the New year. It is consider to be a lucky food to have because mochi stretch therefore it represents long lifespan. Ozoni cooking style vary with region. When I'm young, my mother who is from Tokyo taught me to cook the Kanto style Ozoni. Over the years, I modify the recipe, but it is still based on the Kanto style Ozoni.


Ingredient (Serving Size: 2):

  • Mochi, 2 pieces
  • Dashi, 800ml 
  • Kamaboko, 2 slices
  • Carrot, 1 inches
  • Daikon, 1½ inches
  • Slice pork
  • Leafy Vegetable
  • Miso, 2 tablespoon 

Cooking method:

  1. Cut the Daikon and Carrot into smaller pieces
  2. Heat up the Dashi and cook the daikon and carrot until soft.
  3. Cook the leafy vegetable. Remove once it's cooked.
  4. Add in Miso into the Dashi.
  5. Add in pork to cook. Skim the soup so that it will remain clear.
  6. Heat up the Mochi in an oven or grill it over flame.
  7. Add in Kamaboku and ready to be served.

You may want to add in Shitake Mushroom into the Ozoni before serving. The dashi can be homemade or nowadays ready made dashi can be bought of the shelf in powder form. If you wish to know how to make dashi, please see my earlier post.

In Kansai, the cooking style may include saikyo Miso which taste a little like amazaki ( a type of sweet sake). Maybe next year new year, you could give Ozoni?