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Hours after the Tokyo Snow warning...

Yesterday late evening, the Japan Meteorological Agency issued a heavy snow warning in several prefecture and Tokyo is one of them. For many visitors and friend aboard who may not have seen snowing, may think that the scene will be nice and beautiful. It is beautiful indeed, but it did also bring about inconveniences. 

At Hachioji Station

At Hachioji Station image from twitter (@fumi_Y37)

This morning, due to the heavy snow, classes were cancelled and many were late for work due to the train delay. There are reports of passengers waiting outside the station up to an hour, this was due to the stations restricting the number of passengers entering into the station.

Yokohama Yokohama

Yokohama image from twitter (@eiskaffee700)

When the snow melt and the temperature remain low, ice will form due to refreezing of water. The melting of snow is rather messy and we have to clear them away from our doors and walkway. 

For tourists from the tropic, please enjoy the snows if you are in snowing area, it is rather rare for Tokyo to have heavy snow, the number of snowing day is definitely lower that the North-East and western regions. Please also take care, it is very slippery. I myself did slipped and fall in snowing day before.