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Yakitori - A simple recipe.

Yakitor is a popular dish in many part of the world, it is a form a grill meat on skewer.  An authentic yaki tori is skewed on bamboo skewers and grills on charcoal fire. Is this similar to the Satay we ate if we visit Singapore and Malaysia? 

Momo Yakitori 「もも焼き鳥」

Yakitori has a long history which can be traced to HeiAnJiDai 「平安時代」which is between the year 794 and 1185 where it was served in the banquet. It has different name in different period in Japan.

The traditional way of grilling yakitori uses Binchotan「備長炭」, which is a type of traditional charcoal used in Japan dated to Edo period. This high quality charcoal burns at high temperature and is long lasting. 

Nowadays, most shops that sell yakitori use electrical grill that contain an array of heating element that is similar to our home toaster oven. 

So today I am going to write a post on home cooked yakitori using toaster oven.

For recipe, please read on.

Serving size: 2 portions


  • 250g chicken thigh
  • Shoyu, 50ml
  • Mirin, 50ml
  • Cooking sake, 25ml
  • Water, 25ml
  • Sugar 2 tablespoon
  • Scallions
  • Some bamboo skerwers
  • Cooking oil

To make the Tare「たれ」 sauce.

  1. Mix in the shoyu,  Mirin, sake, water, sugar and scallions into a pot, bring to boil
  2. Reduce the heat to low and let it thicken.



To grill the yakitori in toaster oven

  1. Pre-heat the toast oven until the heating element is red hot.
  2. Coat the meat skewer with a tare sauce.
  3. Repeat coating until the meat is fully cook.


After all the yakitori is done, please reheat the remaining tare sauce to boil. This is to prevent condemnation since it was used in raw meat before.

Yakitori obento

Yakitor can be packed into a bento to bring out for lunch or picnic. This is done by packing some rice, yakitori, some shibazuke seaweed, and top with some tare sauce.

Such obento I would not recommend for younger school children to bring to school for lunch. This is because of the bamboo skewers may pose a risk to the children.

Finally, I hope you would like this bento and try to prepare for your love ones. That all for today. If you have any special dishes to share, or suggestion, please feel free to contact us