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Duke Bakery Bread

Today is Duke Bakery grand opening at United Square. Their shop is located next to Starbucks outlet near to the entrance. 

Through labbit's contact, we managed to grab hold of their signature breads for a quick review

Signature Crown and Chocolate Bun

♬Labbit Review♫♡

The Signature Crown contains thick creamy cream cheese surrounded by a nicely flavor bread which is slightly chewy. Labbit wonder if chewy texture is intended or the bread had left the oven for too long.

The Chocolate bun is soft and the chocolate filling is sweet and smooth. Labbit really love it. Maybe labbit has sweet tooth that favor sweet food more.

It's a bread worth trying. 

Only for Today 27 Oct 2013 - A 40% off their regular price. Give it a try if you are there.

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